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  • "I truly enjoyed having Dr. Carrie as my doctor. She is so warm and friendly and very knowledgeable. She was able to help me with my lower back issue after only a short amount of time, I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Carrie to anyone!"
    - Laura
  • "Dr. Carrie always has a loving smile and a great personality to work with. She helped me with years of aches and pains and has educated me throughout the way!"
    - Steve
  • "After my first visit with Dr. Carrie, I noticed significant improvement after having low back pain for over 2 years. After learning about wellness care from her, my daughter now sees Dr. Carrie for preventative reasons and she loves being adjusted!"
  • "After having low back problems and headaches for a few years, I decided to try chiropractic. After my first treatment with Dr. Carrie I began to notice improvement within 24 hours. My husband now sees Dr. Carrie for his back and shoulder as well. She is sincere in asking what kind of care you want before proceeding to make sure you are comfortable."
    - Lori
  • "I started having lower back pain during pregnancy and was very uncomfortable. After only a couple treatments I started to notice a big decrease of pain. Dr. Carrie is awesome! She always listens and answers all of my questions. She goes above and beyond. My children love Dr. Carrie and are now under chiropractic care."
    - Andrea